Keeping It Real With Adeola – 168 (Mugabe Ambush, Flood In Ghana) – Download here


This week, Adeola talks about her encounter with Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. Is this the end of Keeping It Real?

In Ghana, more than 150 people lost their lives in a deadly flood that ignited an explosion at a gas station.

In Kenya, a young lawyer wants to marry Obama’s daughter Malia, offering 50 cows, 70 sheep, and 30 goats.

Finally, viewers get to see Koledowo.


  1. +Adeola Fayehun you cannot end this show. Let the struggle continue…………the continent of Africa is a big joke. We usually don't like hear the truth.

  2. You are SERIOUSLY ending?
    I really hope not Adeola.
    That is sad. You committed  no crime! Elsewhere, in the UK for example, people will do so much worse to leaders/those in power.
    What other outlets are there that champion Africa and spread news about Africa in a real way. If you are ending for now, I hope you come back.

  3. Adeola, There is no need to apologize. Anyone who watches your videos knows your intentions, however there are a few comments that can be misconstrued. (ie 7:30 they use Rands in South Africa not in Zimbabwe, but I know what you mean).

    What you did was brave, you are talking about the most pampered & idolized people, there is no need for them to be so sensitive. Don't take the criticism too seriously, there are too many ignorant people on the net and in the world, some of them are our leaders. So please this can not be the reason you are ending the show, I wish you well on all your future endeavors, you have kept me laughing ever since i saw your 1st video. Thank You….

    Much Love from South Africa,

  4. I am a Zimbabwean And do agree with most of what you did and said in the interview,Africa needs more journos like you.Mugabe is no African hero,neither is Mandela,nor Nyerere or any of these fools passing for leaders,they are just a bunch of murderous thieves and scoundrels.Black skins,white masks.Heroes are the likes of Sankara and Lumumba,those whose love for Africa could only be curtailed by murdering them. 
    I will miss your shows. Hope you can find a new outlet,have no fear,duppy know who fe frighten

  5. I can't believe this is the "end". I refuse that o! C'mon! For wetin? There has to be more to this than just an encounter with Pres. Mugabe and the "backlash" you face from 'some' folks. Abeg jare, o! Explain yourself my Sis. Get back to the show (or your passion, if it is) AFTER you pray about it to GOD! Love you in Christ!


  6. Adeola,
    i have watched that mugabe episode over and over just to spot what it is that you did wrong but GOD knows i didn't see anything wrong. mugabe has been in power for 35 DISASTROUS years, he has destroyed the country, he is way too OLD, his security refused to allow him  answer  reporter questions etc. 
    the only thing you did wrong was saying the truth and doing your job properly. in america what you did would have earned you an award because there is excellency in reporting and total press freedom: the reason the country is doing so well.
    you wanted mugabe to talk and if he had talk the world would have seen the UGLY truth and that is your job and you did it well.
    they have made your fans victims and i am number one of them
    GOD will console us by having you back in a BIG way in JESUS NAME = AMEN

  7. I am an African-American and I don't have any problem with what you done. That's exactly how American reporters go about their business everyday. However, you should not have done kind of thing in Africa. I am sure you can find employment in New York.

  8. Whilst I agree with most of the things you said Adeola, the only correction would be that the Zimbabwean currency was Zim Dollars not rands. But Thumbs up, for speaking up for Zimabaweans.

  9. This is tabloid style reporting. Very little fact checking. Any points you have are overshadowed by your lack of research on simple issues. Zimbabwe does not use Rands and Simba Makoni is not MDC, he is MKD. And to report facts concerning monies that are no substantiated. just add a little professionalism and you will be fine.

  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Adeola all this is what I call RUBISH…. You were doing your job and your job involves asking all types of questions from right to left……

  11. Wow Adeola,
    You know how to be serious too!
    As always your presentations are "Comic and informative"
    proud of you!!!
    I understand that it's awful to ask and disrespect the elders but, don't give a damn for dictators and corrupts.
    Actually, he has a reason why it's so.
    It's the sanctions and verbal fights between him and the west, that brought the ugly face of Zimbabwe.

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